Knockan Crag is one of the most important Earth science sites in Scotland. A basic principle of geology was discovered at Knockan Crag: that forces deep within the Earth can cause great masses of rock to slide up and over much younger rock. Knockan Crag is a National Nature Reserve

Knockan Crag

National Nature Reserve
Creag a Chnocain Tearmann Nadair Naiseanta
Scottish Natural Heritage
Dualchas Nadair na h-Alda

After completion of necessary safety work, visit Scotlands First Geopark website for more information on the are.

Come to Knockan Crag and discover the planet!!

The far northwest of Scotland is one of the oldest landscapes in Europe. The rocks here tell of ancient oceans, vast deserts and ice sheets. Knockan Crag is renowned internationally as one of the most important sites for understanding how the landscape of Northern Britain was formed.

Knockan Crag is situated 21 kms / 13 miles north of Ullapool. The story of the landscape is told using poetry, sculpture, interactive demonstrations and cartoons.

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