Knockan Crag

National Nature Reserve
Creag a Chnocain Tearmann Nadair Naiseanta
Scottish Natural Heritage
Dualchas Nadair na h-Alda

about knockan crag

rock art

Globe by Joe Smith, Knockan Crag NNR.  Lorne Gill / SNH.

Ramble round Knockan Crag and you'll come across some fine pieces of rock art, as well as fragments of poetry set in stone. Together they provide a different way of looking at this special place.

The five artists who created the rock art pieces - Frances Pelly, Susheila Jamieson, Joe Smith, Jim Buchanan and Valerie Pragnell - have sought to capture the spirit of Knockan. Look out for:

Knockan wall with ice sculpture by Jim Buchanan, Knockan Crag opening.  Lorne Gill / SNH. Pipeworm sculpture by Susheila Jamieson, Knockan Crag NNR.  Lorne Gill / SNH


Extracts from poems by Norman MacCaig, who was inspired by the local landscapes, have been carved into slabs of stone

Something to do with time has all to do
With shape and size. The million shapes of time,
Its millions of appearances are the true
Mountain and moor and tingling water drop
That runs and hangs and shakes time towards a stop.
Treeless Landscape
Who possesses this landscape? -
The man who bought it or
I who am possessed by it?
False questions, for
this landscape is masterless
and intractable in any terms
that are human.
A man in Assynt
...I don't remember
The eagle going away. But I'll never forget
The eagle-shaped space it left, stamped on the air.'
In everything