Finding The Best Quotes For Short Term Cover

The insurance industry has been one of the most influential sectors as far as the auto business is concerned. They have utilised this niche in the market of assuming that an accident may occur to your vehicle to make good money. They have also assisted many of their clients to recover from heavy losses by providing with different types of insurance covers. Mostly, they give a wide variety of policy choices to their clients according to their financial abilities and need. Among the many covers that these companies provides, temp insurance or the vehicle cover for a day have attracted much attention from the car owners.

This policy has revolutionised the insurance business in the UK to a great level. It has provided the much needed flexible, efficient and convenient cover that many are already showing much interest in. The policy is basically design to cover the motor car for only 24 hrs in a day after commencing. After this time has lapsed, the cover will have expired and cease to exist.

Just like any other covers, there are considerations that are made before the insurer agrees to offer this short term policy to the clients. There is a criterion that is followed to avoid future complications in case of a claim.

First, the person or the motorist who is interested in securing this cover must be an adult of 18-75 years even if they only need to insure for a day. This will ensure that if the driver is culpable of any fault play he can face the law accordingly and is also disciplined adult. A driving license with an experience of not less than 12 months is also mandatory requirement. The driving record of the driver is also of very interest to the insurer to ascertain the chances of risk occurrence.

Although the insurers may have a list of cars that they insure, this cover accommodates almost all vehicles in UK. The only general rule set is that the car to be unmodified and be a right-hand drive. It must also be registered and be operating in United Kingdom.

The vehicle should not exceed eight seats including the driver’s for it to qualify be covered by this one day car insurance policy. The motor vehicle should also be worth a minimum of £1500 and the maximum worthiness is not considered. It is also important to note that any modification to adapt the car for a disabled driver or to make it run on LPG is never accepted. This will automatically disqualify the vehicle.

The procedures of getting this vehicle cover for a day is very easy and it takes just a matter of minutes to complete. With all the required documents, it takes even lesser time to arrange a policy. The insurance certificate is immediately posted online after purchasing it. The certificate can be printed or the link be saved as prove of payment. It is possible to have this cover on a borrowed vehicle provided that the driver has permission from the car owner. So for a test drive, borrowing a relative’s car or sharing a long drive, one day car insurance is the best cover to go for.